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About Us

In 2004 , the founder of Tint Gallery invested in 2 years of research and development to unveil a break-through product for the automotive security film industry.

The result is WinGard, a professional grade security solar film product combining top technologies from Japan and USA. WinGard binds to glass and strengthens it to withstand up to 8 times more impact than ordinary films. It is the first of its kinds to provide high solar heat rejection films with dependable protective features. Unlike conventional window films, WinGard promises 3 layer of innovations from high tech, state of the art films and technology.

Since its introduction in 2006, WinGard has served medium range luxury car showrooms, catering to professionals and consumers alike. Its overwhelming response has allowed its business to operate from 8 branches and 12 dealers nationwide, making it one of the fastest growing window film products in the country today. This is truly a remarkable flagship product, the pride of Tint Gallery.

Our Expertise

At Tint Gallery, we believe a good solar tint product performing at its optimal level will maximise your comford and protection with a peace of mind.

WinGard is created with advanced Japanese technology coupled with sophisticated components incorporated by our R&D team. We have developed a training course specially for professional film technicians. All our techinicians have completed through and extensive training before they are placed in their field of work. Qualified technicians are assured in delivering quality workmanship.


Our Innovations

WinGard sets itself apart from all other window tinting products with its combination of innovative nano-ceramic technology and a very strong adhesive. This unique film adhesive is unlike any other, soaking into microscopic pores in glass to make it considerably stronger. Together with its tough synthetic film, WinGard guarantees a secure, impact-resistant glass, which also effectively protects you against hear and damaging ultra violet light.