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Our 3 Layers of Innovation

Unlike the conventional window film technology, WinGard product compromises 3 state of the art window film technology. WinGard film technology and product benefits remain unrivalled until today. This is truly a remakable product fully developed and owned by Tint Gallery (M) Sdn. Bhd.

1st Layer of Innovation:

Nanotechnology PET film

WinGard first layer is created with advanced Japanese nanotechnology PET (Polyester) film. Because of nanotechnology, our PET film has close to 200 layers of raw materials thus maximising hear rejection and window protection.

What is Nanotechnology PET Fimls?

2nd Layer of Innovation:

Indium tin oxide (Ito) /
Antimony-doped tin oxide (Ato)

This is a non-metal compound material. In fact, this is a water base treatment that will help you escape corrosion while greatly reduces hear and harmful UV rays

How Ito/Ato heat rejection Works?

3rd Layer of Innovation:

Nano-ceramic Adhesive

Nano-ceramic treated products are known for their hardness and durability and it is a very widely used technology in coatings. WinGard uses similar treatment, bringing these features to its adhesive. This will enhance impact resistance and also provide protection from heat and damaging UN rays.

What is Nano-ceramic and why?