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Why Us / our workmanship

The highest quality films will not perform well if they are not professionally installed. The best films required the best technicians. Purple, bubbled and peeling film is a sign of poor quality film and installation. WinGard authorised dealers are factory-trained by Tint Galelry technicians to give them the leading edge in installation technology. All of our technicians must go through an intensive training course before they are placed into the field to perform.

10 Years Warranty*

Extended warranty, extended life span

WinGard has one of the longest warranty period in the window film industry. This reflects the quality and durability of WinGard. After going through extensive developments and tests, WinGard has proven to champion consistently in its category of window security films.

WinGard, a truly remarkable product that offers unrivalled product benefits to c ater to your needs!

Our Certification

Sirim Certificate Singapore PSB Certificate IWFA Certificate
SME Service Excellence Award SME Rising Star Award